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Corrective-preventive maintenance programs

We will be responsible for carrying out the maintenance programs of our equipment for the purpose of guaranteeing the operation without failures of our machines and installations during their entire useful life cycle. Refer to our standard contracts.

Management of spare parts


So that you do not have to worry about managing the search, purchasing, replacement, changing of models: SAR includes an exclusive management of spare parts.

Spare parts can also be supplied in the production line (sieves, breakers, filters, etc.) For other brands and references (please contact us).

As you already know, we quickly supply spares for the machines manufactured by our company and for machines supplied by our previous partner GLATT, as well as for those of other related companies.

  • Multi-sleeve filters for fluidized beds, filters for general safety and for vacuum loading systems. Special filters in general.


  • Individual filters of all types and in all fabrics.
  • Silicon expanding gasket in many shapes and sizes.
  • Cylindrical and conical sieves made of synthetic mesh and stainless, for centrifuge sievers, with and without separation.
  • Cylindrical and conical sieves, graters for all sizes and with all types of holes in the stainless mesh.
  • Sieve graters for wet granulators specially constructed (schmitzler) “graters”, with different hole shapes.
  • Spray guns for fluid bed granulators, Film-coating and coaters.


  • Cleaning balls and rotating or fixed pulverisers, of many different designs.
  • Special spares for regulation and control of production equipment.
  • Spare parts for the machines that are used most often in their solids and CIP equipment departments.

Qualification - Validation

All of our units may include qualification – validation documentation in accordance with GMP Standards Annex 15. Our Validation Department may also provide services for equipment of other brands.

Calibration schedules

We can carry out and manage the calibration schedule for the metering equipment included with our units.

Leasing of machinery

SAR provides a large variety of laboratory or pilot plant equipment for leasing so that you can carry out your products testing and development

When may this option be useful to you?

  • Development and scale-up tests.
  • Technological transfer tests
  • Production of small batches.
  • Testing of equipment in pre-purchase phase (leasing with option to buy).

Technological development

Group company CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO FARMACÉUTICO allows SAR Group to develop innovative and technological development strategies that are focussed on the Group as well as on customer processes.

  • Developing of proprietary technology.
  • Technological application to customer processes.
  • Pre – purchase testing of equipment.
  • Scale up testing.

Batch size: 500 g - 15 Kg (depending on the tests. Contact us)

Proposal for services

  • Complete: Personal (development and follow-up) + analysis + report
  • Partial: Choose the service or services that are best suited for you:
  • Technological support personnel (While you carry out the tests)
  • Development personnel (let us take care of the testing)
  • Analysis (We will manage the analysis of the testing)
  • Room and equipment (Leasing on a per day basis)

Available equipment

  • Sievers/Choppers/mills
  • Biconical mixer and V shaped
  • Barrel mixer and containers
  • Quick mixer MAV-10
  • Dryer – granulator - fluid bed coater GPCG-3
  • Film coating equipment MPC-3 (interchangeable drums)
  • Fette pressing machine
  • PAM encapsulation machine
  • Reactors / shaking
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Screw and rotating valve dispensers