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  • Wide range of hole diameters as well as of sieve and breaker constructions. Loading methods – vacuum discharge.

    Quick siever (model TR)

    For the homogenization of dry and fine products to the required particle size.

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  • Conical siever (model TGC)

    For the homogenization of dry product to the required size and sieving of wet product (agglomerates).

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  • Conical siever (model GSW)

    For the sieving of wet products (agglomerates). Ideal for placing mixers and centrifuges at the discharge.

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  • Mill siever (model TMC)

    For fine sieving of dry products or for breaking capsules and tablets.

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  • Centrifuge siever with rejection (model TCF)

    For the sieving of dry products with rejection. Ideal for using as final safety sieve during final discharges dispensed into bags / barrels. With weighing and sealed discharge device to bags

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