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Marketed products

MÜLLER Manufacturing and Supply Program

  • Cylindrical and conical barrels for use in the Chemical – Pharmaceutical and food industry (from 0.5 to 700 l. with hermetic cover, interchangeable silicon gasket and spring.
  • Certified liquid barrels from 35 to 300 l.
  • Air-tight systems for handling solids.
  • Barrels for pasty products, creams, ointments and highly viscous liquids from 500 to 1000 l.
  • Mobile and fixed hoists for barrels, containers and pallets.
  • Pallet change station at the inlet to modules in the production area.
  • Transport installations without powder.
  • Accessories for barrels and used for:
    - Carts.
    - Funnels.
    - Clamps.
    - Butterfly valves.
    - Hoppers.
    - Vibrators.
    - Adapters.
    - Silicone membranes, among others.
  • NEW anti-contamination valves at loading and discharge stations with the most current and safe designs from 150 to 300 mm in diameter.
  • Additionally, stainless components for sanitary use. Let us know if you have a specific need.